Wayland Bell

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Film Director & Director of Photography

Wayland Bell is a New York based cinematographer. A 2014 graduate of School of Visual Art NYC, he was the first 2-time winner of Best Cinematography in the history of SVA’s Dusty Film Festival.

As a director of photography, he has worked on everything from feature films, music videos, commercials, motorsports, live events, and documentaries. With more than a decade of filmmaking experience, Wayland’s dedication to craft and his unique eye have taken him on projects across the United States and as far as the Siberian Tundra.

He is at home behind a camera, and is always looking for the next shot.

Paola Bernardini

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Film Director & Producer

Paola is an Italian Director and Producer based in New York. She holds a BFA in Film from the School of Visual Arts. During her stay in New York she obtained experience in film, commercial and theater productions.

 Paola was awarded numerous awards including one from the New York Women in Film and Television

She is fluent in Italian, French and English and will continue her filmmaking journey around the world.