Director's Statement

To make a film it takes a team, this film had a team of two. The reason Solitaire was created by only two people was our craving to tell a story in a way that would challenge us as filmmakers.

This is the first time anyone has been allowed to shoot a film in the Italian Embassy in Brazil. The opportunity was one that I didn’t want to pass up, so Wayland Bell and myself packed our bags and went to Brazil. The story was created in the moment, inspired by the Embassy and shot without crew. Many challenges were encountered in the making of this film where we bit off more than we could chew.


The Embassy is famous for its renowned architect Pier Luigi Nervi. In his time, he was the rockstar of architecture, creating works all over the world, such as  the Papal Audience Hall in the Vatican and the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. For this film, the structure Nervi had created is so impressive that we wanted it to overwhelm the story, therefore becoming a character itself. 

It is a magical but also dark and lonely place. From there, we thought, what would happen to someone who lived completely isolated in this empty mansion? We took that idea and exaggerated it.


Solitaire is dark comedy about a young woman that has shut herself in her mansion from all human interaction. She welcomes into her house a young man who wishes to work on her property as a groundskeeper. This man is the perfect excuse for her to have some companionship. She quickly becomes overly attached to him and the story takes a surreal magical turn when he tries to leave the estate.


I wanted the film to have a suspenseful tone, full of funny and awkward moments. I hope the viewer enjoys these fun moments in a film about friendship and loneliness.


      -     Paola Bernardini